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Center of Excellence for Colo-Proctology


Smiles International Institute of Colo Proctology(SIICP) is a pioneer of innovation in the field of colorectal treatment and surgery. It is built from the minds of like-minded and enterprising surgeons with an aim to end the sufferings of millions with colorectal problems by establishing a World-class center of excellence in Coloproctology. The best practices in the world inspired us to ensure the advance facilities and state-of- the-art technology for the treatment of disorders including the colon, rectum and anus with the help of certified surgeons and medical practitioners.

Our Vision

Transforming lives by providing quality and preventive healthcare through innovation and to become a research center of excellence for the treatment of colo-rectal disorders with a network of 300 centers world wide.

Our Mission

To bring down the cases of lifestyle diseases by creating a healthy lifestyle regime & eradicating quacks and open air defecation for a healthy Indian healthcare ecosystem.

Core Values

Our institution works on the principle of affordable treatment for all.
The foundation is laid on three pillars: 


Discover SIICP

SIICP promotes health care, research, training &  awareness related to the field of Colo-Proctology, which is incidentally the 2nd most embarrassing health area for all individuals

At SIICP Clinics, our staff are always ready to take care of you. We offer 24X7 emergency services. 

Kindly call on the number +91 9844 229 888 or drop a mail to and book your slot with our experts.


Affordable & Accessible Healthcare

For fast, efficient advanced care, you can rely on us.

Colorectal Awareness

Worry no more with our 24/7 emergency care team.


Train Surgeons and Nurses to eradicate “quackery” and standardize the treatment methods.

Preventive Care

To encourage people to adopt healthy eating and work out habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Initiatives by SIICP


Say No to Open Air Defacation.

No More Piles for Pregnants!

Subsidized Surgeries for Drivers


No More Quacks Costing Your Happiness

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