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Colorectal Cancer – A Clear Danger

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Eight months after Bharat Reddy, 39, had a surgery for piles, his symptoms that also included rectal bleeding did not improve. Our experts did a thorough evaluation of the patient and diagnosed that Reddy had rectal cancer. Physicians at SIICP performed a Low Anterior Resection on Reddy. It has been 15 days and he is recovering now. But our doctor say that his case is among the many rising incidents of colorectal cancer.

Since rectal bleeding is a common symptom, associated with piles and other colo-rectal disorders, it is easy to miss it. Our founder and chief Dr Parameshwara CM says, “A patient who is bleeding from the rectum must be aware that they may not have piles alone and that they may also have rectal cancer or colon cancer. Such patients should seek the help of a healthcare professional or a super-specialist.

Explaining the symptoms of colorectal, Dr Parameshwara said, “Physical inactivity, increased alcohol consumption, smoking, and irregular and unhealthy diet are the major risk factors. Some recent studies have shown that a diet with low-fibre and high-fat can lead to colorectal cancer. Western fast food is an example of low-fibre, high-fat diet as is a diet rich in red meat and processed meat.”

What is concerning is that people may not experience any symptoms during the early stage of colorectal cancer. At most, they may experience some changes in their bowel habits. Dr Parameshwara C M added, “The symptoms of rectal cancer include diarrhoea or constipation occurring constantly for nearly four weeks or longer, rectal bleeding or blood in the stool, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, or gastritis. Colorectal cancer can also coexist with haemorrhoids or fissures.”

Painless, Bloodless & Minimally Invasive Surgeries

At SIICP, we are specialized in painless, bloodless and minimally invasive procedures. Minimal invasive procedures are preferred as they involve less post-operative pain, low secondary infection rate, fewer post-operative complications and fast recovery. Also, the wounds caused by the surgery are very small.

With hectic schedules, we don’t have the luxury of spending many days for recovery. At SIICP, all our treatments are quick and require care no more than 24 hours at our hospital. You can get back to your normal life within a day with our doctor advised post-operative care.

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