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More than 1/3rd of the Indian population is suffering from colo-rectal disorders. And 80% of them do not have any awareness about what colorectal problem is. Majority of them are resorting to the treatments offered by quacks.

SMILES International Institute of Colo Proctology firmly believes that there is a need to educate community about the availability of colo rectal surgeons specific to their colo rectal problems and at the same time increase the number of surgeons opting for Colo-rectal stream.

SIICP believes it to be the only way to tackle the problem of arbitrary treatments being offered by self-declared doctors.

Hence we aim to train up general surgeons in all the aspects of coloproctology and have designed a highly comprehensive and in depth training module in collaboration with few of the most acclaimed academic minds in our field.

Our chief consultant, Dr. Parameshwara C M has trained more than  30 surgeons and 40 nurses in the field of Colo-proctology to provide more qualified medical professionals to the society. He also believes in educating medical graduates  through extensive exposure to Colo-rectal practices to fill the existing gaps in the health care system. Impacted more than 1500 graduates through his knowledge & experience.

Recent Training Programs

Master Course in Minimal Invasive Proctology

Course    : Master Course in Minimal Invasive Proctology
Duration : 2 days (15 & 16th June 2018)
Mentor    : Dr. Parameshwara CM
Location  : Bangalore
Contact   : Mr. Shafeeq Ambalapurath @ +91 98470 01091

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SIICP also offers several other training programs as described below.

Fellowship Programme

  • One year fellowship programme in Colo Rectal surgeries
  • To increase the number of colo-rectal surgeons in the community and to avoid quackery.


  • 1 week certification course in Lasers, DG HAL , IRC , Colonoscopy and Colonic transit studies hands on training.
  • Certified from AMI Austria in collaboration with SIICP.

Nurse Training Programme

  • Certified 2-day training programme for nurses.
  • Unique initiative to  intellectually enlightened, emotionally balanced and socially committed nurses in India.
  • To familiarize staff nurses with the importance of nurse-patient interaction, communication skills and to reinforce skill training in nursing procedure.

We have trained more than 40 nurses in Colo-rectal care.

Research Center

  • Research center for Indian and Foreign Social Scientists who are determined to transform the field of proctology.

For more information about our training programmes, drop a mail to [email protected]

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